Smart Chiropractic SEO Audit


SEO is what can drive your chiropractic practice to the top (or bottom) Google. Discover exactly how you are performing with our complete chiropractic SEO audit. 

You don’t need to be a website wizard to understand the findings of our audit. Our audit will give you a score and then provide you with the exact list of items you can improve to shoot straight to Google’s top. 

This chiropractic SEO audit scans your website for over 50 SEO signals to create your score. We analyze your page speed, tags, images, links, and much more to determine your performance and what you can do to improve. 


Ranking higher on Google isn’t black magic. But your SEO needs to be on point. That’s where our chiropractic SEO audit comes in.

If you pay big bucks for a company to manage your website or build it yourself, you must understand its performance. And don’t be fooled; just because you bought the SEO package for your website company doesn’t mean that your website is optimized.  

Many docs have used our chiropractic SEO audit as an affordable and quick way to ensure that their website company is doing what they say. Doing a yearly audit is a fantastic insurance policy to keep you at the top of the listings and keep your service providers honest! 

If you would like to rank higher on Google, it starts by knowing what you are doing well and what you can improve upon. Our chiropractic SEO audit is the tool you need to get started. 

  • receive a complete SEO audit of your website
  • no programming degree needed- we’ll do the heavy lift and provide you with an SEO score
  • receive a detailed analysis of areas you can and should improve upon
  • analysis of page speed, tagging, images, social sharing, links, domain analysis, and more
  • perform yearly to keep your website company honest and keep your Google ranking high

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