Smart Chiropractic Pregnancy Marketing


Power up your prenatal marketing with The Smart Chiropractor Pregnancy Marketing Program. This proven program includes everything you need to position your practice, build referral relationships, and attract more new patients in the next 90 days.


Smart Chiropractic Pediatric Marketing

Marketing pregnancy care in your practice isn’t rocket science, but you need the right tools. Our Pregnancy Marketing Program includes three modules to guide you towards success.

The Patient Attraction Module will help you position your practice online and offline. The research-based workshop will establish your practice as the go-to resource for chiropractic care. And our referral module gives you the tools you need to build long-term referral relationships with your local birth community.

Our Smart Chiropractor Pregnancy Marketing Program includes: 

  • How to Get the Best Results with Your Pediatric Program Guide
  • The Patient Attraction Module
    • 8 SEO Optimized Pediatric Blog Posts
    • 2 Pregnancy Care Reception Videos
    • 8 Patient Education Handouts
    • 28 Pregnancy Related Social Posts
  • The Workshop Module
    • “Natural Ways to Stay Active While Pregnant” Powerpoint Presentation
    • Workshop Promotional Flyer
    • Workshop Email Campaign Templates
    • How to Host a Pregnancy Workshop Guide (online or in-person)
  • The Referrals Module
    • 10 Pregnancy Focused Marketing Research Briefs
    • Relationships Tracking Sheets
    • How to Build Relationships with Your Local Birth Community Guide

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