Discover Wellness Presents | Chiropractic Wellness Marketing Program


Marketing wellness in your practice never been easier with the Discover Wellness Presents. Featuring 10 powerful workshop presentations, this program can help you inspire more patients to live a healthier life with chiropractic.


Discover Wellness Presents is a complete chiropractic wellness marketing program designed to be delivered in your local community. The program touches on obesity, healthcare system failings, healthy habits, chiropractic care, nutrition, and more. 

This compelling content-driven program will position your practice as a healthy-living wellness destination within your local community. 

The Discover Wellness program includes:

  • Complete Tutorial – A complete explanation of the Discover Wellness System, including specific details of implementation, instructions on how to set up your Discover Wellness lecture series, and pointers on effective presentation skills to a wellness audience. 
  • The Discover Wellness Guide – A complete step-by-step manual explaining the system that gets your name and your services before the people of your community, including scripts for ten long and ten short talks, and specific instructions on how to set up talks, prepare for them, and deliver them powerfully and productively. 
  • Audio Recordings for Rehearsal – digitally recorded samples of suggestions on how to give a Discover Wellness lecture. Use it as a study guide to perfect your own presentations. 
  • Professional PowerPoint Presentations – 10 easy-to-use slide presentations designed for simple implementation with Microsoft PowerPoint. * You must have your PowerPoint or a PowerPoint viewer to use these presentations.
  • Complete Marketing Resources – Advertisements, flyers, invitations, and sign-up sheets to promote presentations in your office and in your community.

If you want to help your community experience better health through better living, you need Discover Wellness. Chiropractic marketing has never been easier. 

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