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Most people have no idea why they should see you as their chiropractor. But that will change once you have our Chiropractic Care Marketing Campaign. This campaign will give you the marketing tools you need to proactively answer the questions your community is asking about chiropractic.


Smart Marketing Campaigns

It’s time for a chiropractic marketing campaign adjustment. This campaign is focused on addressing the following questions: How does chiropractic work? How can chiropractic help you find relief? What are the benefits of getting adjusted? And what exactly is the brain-body connection?

We’ll provide you everything you need to effectively market your practice by answering those questions. Email templates designed to convert? Check. Social posts to generate more engagement? Check. Patient handouts that people will actually want to read? Check. And that’s just the start. See the complete campaign toolkit below.

Our Chiropractic Care Campaign includes:


  • Monthly Content Marketing Calendar – Your monthly calendar is designed to help you stay organized and take action!
  • Doc’s Brief – a detailed brief on how to implement and optimize the marketing campaign


  • 4 research-based email newsletters – each with a high impact call to action to start filling your schedule


  • 30 Social Posts – beautifully designed social graphics to use to educate your community on the importance and relevance of this month’s research and why it should matter to them (social posts are a mix of topic-related, fitness-related, inspirational, and nutrition-based)
  • 4 Blog Posts – unbranded, blog posts for your website and social channels
  • 4 Facebook Live Video Scripts – highlighting the weekly topic and why it matters


  • An In-Office Reception Area Video – a 15-20 minute educational video display slide series that you can play on your in-office TV
  • 4 Patient Education Handouts – customizable for your prospects, patients, presentations, and other healthcare professionals

Are you ready for a chiropractic marketing campaign adjustment?

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Note: This marketing campaign is ideal for chiropractors with social followings of at least 250 and email lists of at least 100.

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