Chiropractic Telehealth Program


Connecting with people who are unable to come into your practice is more important than ever. Telehealth is here to stay and our telehealth marketing program will provide you with a complete package to get started.


Chiropractic Telehealth for smart chiropractors.

Our Telehealth marketing program makes it easy for you to get started. Even if you’re not tech-savvy, you’ll be able to begin providing telehealth services quickly with our marketing program. Just because a patient can’t make it to your practice physically doesn’t mean you can’t provide value and generate revenue. We’ll show you how and provide you with the marketing you need to get the word out and to start filling your schedule.

Our Smart Telehealth Marketing Kit includes:
  • Telehealth Quick Start Guide
  • 5 Promotional Email Templates
  • 5 Facebook Live Video Scripts
  • A Front Desk Script to fill your schedule
  • “How Can I Chiropractor Help Me” PowerPoint Presentation
  • 12 Telehealth Promotional Videos
  • 5 We’re Here to Help Social Posts
  • 22 Telehealth Social Posts
  • Telehealth Text Scripts


Our chiropractic Telehealth marketing program has helped hundreds of chiropractors add on telemedicine services to serve more people and generate more revenue outside of their practice.

Modernize your practice and open yourself up to a new opportunity for connection, care, and collections with our chiropractic marketing program!

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