Smart TV | Chiropractic TV Video Streaming


Stream research-based content to your reception area TV automatically with Smart TV.

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Grow your brand and improve your patients’ in-office experience with Smart TV our chiropractic TV and video streaming service. 

Use the television in your waiting room as a powerful communications tool! SmartTV allows you to transform your waiting room experience with exclusive streamed content + your own customizations. 

What’s Included: 

  • Streaming video to your practice that is automatically updated
  • Impress your patients with beautifully designed, research-based videos and images
  • Promote your practice and grow your online following with video
  • Streams continuously via an Amazon Firestick (1 included)  

Here’s an example of what we’ll be streaming for you …

Streaming incredible content campaigns to your chiropractic TV is a great way to increase compliance, referrals, and your overall patient experience.

If you have a TV sitting in your office that just plays a screensaver or nothing at all – SmartTV is a no-brainer.

Want full marketing automation beyond just TV? Try The Smart Chiropractor.


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